Mommy Blog Advice

If you are planning to start a mommy blog these would be my suggestions to help you be successful.

Use the REALLY Framework mentioned in the previous REALLY GROW blog post- Research, Engage, Analysis, Listen, Learn and You. This is extremely helpful and allows you to be knowledgeable.  This framework assists in creating a social media strategy and helps keep you organized.

Stay on top of trends including:

  • Download apps.
    • What to Expect and The Bump are my favorites. They send you a weekly update on your baby’s development.  I loved to know what size fruit/vegetable my son was from week to week.  They also publish great articles and helpful information including a good network of mothers for you to converse with during your pregnancy.
  • Visit popular store websites.
  • Read popular blogs, follow big influencers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
    • Look for influencers with high engagement (meaning brands that are talked about, that receive likes, commenting and shares by others).
  • Popular baby products.
    • Include must-have items for current or soon to be moms.
  • Fashion for both mother and baby.
  • Follow popular publications.
  • Give advice or personal experience.
    • Chances are if you are experiencing questions others are too. It’s always nice to hear others stories or experiences (this also helps create engagement).  But remember these are people’s opinions and information.  Always remember to consult your doctor for medical advice.

From experience- it takes time.  Remember you aren’t necessarily going to become famous overnight (but hey things happen and I hope you’re the one that becomes that overnight star).

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